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New Horizons Baptist Church
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Welcome to The Family of New Horizons


In a world of the internet, isn't it amazing that we can be brought together by the click of a button!  And I want you to know how glad we at New Horizons Baptist Church are that you clicked on our website.  I pray that it brings you a blessing in your life today!  New Horizons Baptist Church (NHBC) is a family of Christian believers who worship our Lord Jesus Christ in Newnan Ga. (south metro Atlanta).  In numbers we are small but in love we are large!  As the song says "though as many we do come to worship you as one, Lord we praise You now!"! Come on in as believers striving to Live as Jesus Christ instructs in the Holy Bible learn together!


Up front and simple, our vision comes from Acts 2:42 which says:

"They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer"  Acts 2:42 (NIV)

From a family effort through the church, we are together striving to Grow the Kingdom One at a Time!


If you don't know the Jesus we worship, come into our web and find out how you can!  If you are a part of a family of believers and need prayer, notice the prayer link and allow us the privilege of praying with you.  If you would like to be a part of our worship service, click the sermon player link!


Regardless of your reason for coming here, know that at New Horizons Baptist Church, you are welcome!  Whether it's to learn about our church, listen to the Sermons on the Sermon Player, offer a Prayer Request, or surf the website, you are most welcome!  And by the way, please sign our Guest Book!  New Horizons Baptist Church is a contemporary Christian family of believers who worship the Lord Jesus Christ together as the Bible instructs.  We do this through worship, contemporary live band and music, sermons by Pastor Steve Smith, Small Group LifeGroup Bible Study, and striving together!


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Pastor Steve

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Facts of the Matter - New Sermon Series



New Horizons Baptist Church, Newnan Ga.


Pastor Steve began teaching the book, "Facts of the Matter" on January 29 during the morning worship service.  The book offers great insights on the day to day life that believers face ongoing.  The first part of the series, "Overcoming Circumstances" presented ways and advice on how to overcome the difficult circumstances of life.  Today, February 5, the second part was "Spiritual Failure" helping suggest 3 ways to overcome spiritual failure.


The book, along with others, is written by author Dwight Hill and can be found on the internet at "" at the store section.  The website also offers daily devotions and meditations for the believer.  Check it out now.


Alll parts of the series will be posted on the sermon player of the website.  If you are unable to attend, please be sure and listen to the messages offered by Pastor Steve!  A great help to believers in the life we are called to live!

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Messages for You!


The Sermons and Messages offered during the worship services at New Horizons Baptist Church in Newnan GA are available to help you live and walk as a believer.  The church is here to help believers grow and mature so that together we can make a difference.  Each of the sermons preached are broken down by title, date, and also a brief summary of what each message is about.  Listen to the messages of Pastor Steve Smith as he teaches believers of New Horizons Baptist Church how to apply the principles of the teachings of the Lord Jesus in the Bible.  Pastor Steve Smith has been in the ministry for over 30 years and 6 of those as a Senior Pastor.  For more information, his testimony is listed under the "Community" section of this website.


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